My Michigan Garden

I’ve always wanted to give gardening another shot.  When I was younger, we had a small family garden at my house.  We grew corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, peas, and much more.  I didn’t like it as a kid because it was yet another task keeping my from my daily cartoon regiment.

However, this past winter, I bought a small greenhouse and wanted to give it another go.  I like peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, and such but buying produce is awefully expensive.  I wondered if creating my own garden would help save money.  It might not immediately, but I think if I can keep it for the long haul, it very well could.

Overall between the greenhouse, seeds, starter planters, we spent about $110.  The greenhouse itself is probably 6’x6’x6′.5 and has two additional shelves for storing plants. So with the help of the internet, the gardening reddit, and Smart Gardener, we shall see what happens.

In the “Great Lakes Gardening Section” located on the right side of the main blog page, you can find more information about my gardening experiment.


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